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Neverwinter provides a lengthy adventure for gamer

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Cadastrado em: 07/05/19
Localização: London
Status: Desconectado
Pontos: 4
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    Postado: 15/05/19 as 01:39
Neverwinter takes place some time after a volcanic eruption brought the eponymous city to the brink of destruction, and puts you in the role of one of many soldiers helping to rebuild and protect the city from those seeking to take advantage of the chaos. If you like your MMOs with a healthy serving of lore, Neverwinter really delivers - this is the best example of a story-driven MMO I've played. Of course, if you just want to kill things and level up, skipping through all the quest text and cutscenes is an option, as well.

Combat in Neverwinter is generally very fun. Unlike so many other MMO's out there Neverwinter isn't about mashing your keyboard in the right order. Don't get me wrong, there is a little of that, but much more importantly is that like Dungeons and Dragons Online, Neverwinter has an active combat system. This means that dodging, moving, position, and timing all play together to create a rich and fun combat experience.

The combat has a more console feel than a typical PC MMORPG feel. In most combat encounters in Neverwinter, you will want to go in with a plan and use your classes' niche to defeat your enemies. Players need to manage their powers (At-Will, Encounter, and Daily) throughout combat to insure they come out ahead. Action Points and other resources also need to be monitored while you duke it out with the tougher enemies.Along with timing you attacks and powers as well as flanking enemies most classes also have abilities to move around the most dangerous attacks from enemies. These dangerous attacks will appear during battle on the ground as red areas. Many attacks have noticeable tells which can help you know when to move, dodge, or stun your opponent with the most effect. Remember this is active combat. Get used to moving around, using powers and dodging or you will have a difficult time beating harder encounters. Use this 3%-off coupon to buy Cheap NW Items from our site: "MMOCSVIP".

While many free-to-play games lack complete narratives, Neverwinter provides a lengthy adventure that is complete with voiced narration and cinematic scenes. Players with no prior knowledge of the Forgotten Realms or the city of Neverwinter will have little to base the narrative on except for journal entries and books found in the game's environments. The narrative is the typical fantasy affair of good versus evil with a few twists thrown in along the way, yet much of the dialogue can be ignored as nearly every quest involves traveling to specific locations and either slaying monsters or collecting a set number of items. The narrative's real purpose is to group players together for dungeon raids, boss battles, and introducing them to primary gameplay mechanics such as player-versus-player combat and custom quests created by players in the Foundry.

Neverwinter is strongly recommended for RPG fans, and even more so for MMORPG fans. There are a couple of hiccups from a technical standpoint, and the controls aren't perfect. Graphically, we've all seen better, as well. But there is a whole world of Dungeons & Dragons-inspired adventuring to be had in Neverwinter, and you can see as much or as little of it with friends as you so desire. You're not pushed into spending money on digital goods too much, though the limited stock inventory size does leave much to be desired. Provided the (currently very active) PS4 community holds up over time, Neverwinter will be the MMORPG gamers turn to time and time again.
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